Zendesk vs Intercom: Which Solution to Choose in 2024?

Zendesk VS Intercom

Intercom’s Inbox organizes all of an agent’s core functions into one interface. Below, we’ve compared the usability of Zendesk’s and Intercom’s agent dashboards and administrator controls. Send surveys at key points throughout the customer buying cycle, utilizing multiple types of question formats. Surveys turn customer insights into action, with triggers and campaign response adjustments depending on customer responses. The Sell dashboard’s Tasks page sorts all of an agent’s tasks by due date.

As mentioned before, the bot builder is a visual drag-and-drop system that requires no coding knowledge; this is also how other basic workflows are designed. The more expensive Intercom plans offer AI-powered content cues, triage, and conversation insights. Intercom has a very robust advanced chatbot set of tools for your business needs. There is a conversation routing bot, an operator bot, a lead qualification bot, and an article-suggesting bot, among others.

User experience

This live chat service provider offers 200+ integrations to its user base. With a mix of productivity, collaboration, eCommerce, CRM, analytics, email marketing, social media, and other tools, you get the option to create an omnichannel suite. The customer support platform starts at just $5 per agent per month, which is a very basic customer support tool. If you want dashboard reporting and integrations, you’ll need to pay $19 per agent per month. Multilingual content and other advanced features come with a $49 price per agent per month. The choice between Zendesk and Intercom is determined by the requirements of your company.

  • Zendesk and Intercom both offer noteworthy tools, but if you’re looking for a full-service solution, there is one clear winner.
  • This customer messaging software converts all email, mobile SMS, chat, and social channel requests into tickets on one platform.
  • There are several actions that could trigger this block including submitting a certain word or phrase, a SQL command or malformed data.
  • Zendesk, unlike Intercom, is a more affordable and predictable customer service platform.
  • Efficiently manage customer inquiries and empower customers to find answers independently.

KindGeek was founded in Ukraine; our co-founders are from Ukraine, and all of our team members call Ukraine home. Creating multiple support request forms to quickly find out the most relevant problems of your clients. With ThriveDesk, you can supercharge your website’s growth and streamline customer interactions like never before. Rest assured, ThriveDesk’s lightweight design and speed won’t impact the performance of your Wix-powered eCommerce website. The optimized agent interface ensures rapid responses for maximum efficiency, all while keeping your website running smoothly.

Zendesk vs Intercom: functionality

A customer service department is only as good as its support team members, and these highly-prized employees need to rely on one another. Tools that allow support agents to communicate and collaborate are important aspect of customer service software. Create a help center combining knowledge base articles and a customer contact request form, embeddable into any webpage or mobile app. Customers can search the help center by query keywords and sort through articles in 40 languages. Zendesk for Service, a customer service solution, provides unified customer-facing communication channels, self-service, collaboration, customer routing, and analytics–all organized in one dashboard. Whichever solution you choose, mParticle can help integrate your data.

It allows businesses to engage users while they’re active in the app, delivering information based on relevant time or behavior triggers. They can be used to share product updates, offer support, or promote offers relevant to their needs. Zendesk Support Suite now consists of seven unique products for customer support. They range from standalone communication tools to a fully-featured CRM platform. Zendesk’s security features and sales capabilities are known as some of the most advanced in the industry. Zendesk was released in 2007, starting off as a support ticket tool for customer service teams.

Zendesk vs. Intercom: FAQ

Everything, from the tools to the website, reflects their meticulous attention to detail. When it comes to the design and simplicity of the software for customer use, Zendesk’s interface is somewhat antiquated and cluttered, especially when it comes to customizing the chat widget. It can be classified as a chatbox for average users, just like the ones found on a variety of websites.

Zendesk VS Intercom

Intercom works with any website or web-based product and aims to be your one-way stop for all of your customer communication needs. Intercom has more customization features for features like bots, themes, triggers, and funnels. For standard reporting like response times, leads generated by source, bot performance, messages sent, and email deliverability, you’ll easily find all the metrics you need. Beyond that, you can create custom reports that combine all of the stats listed above (and many more) and present them as counts, columns, lines, or tables.

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It is also not too difficult to program your own bot rules using Intercon’s system. In the category of customer support, Zendesk appears to be just slightly better than Intercom based on the availability of regular service and response times. However, it is possible Intercom’s support is superior at the premium level.

Zendesk VS Intercom

Zendesk pricing is super complicated with its plans and overpriced hidden features. To sum up this Intercom vs Zendesk battle, the latter is a great support-oriented tool that will be a good choice for big teams with various departments. Intercom feels more wholesome and is more client-success-oriented, but it can be too costly for smaller companies.

Zendesk has a slight edge when it comes to ticketing, but Intercom’s automation makes up for it

We will also consider customer feedback and reviews to provide insights into the usability of each platform. They have a dedicated help section that provides instructions on how to set up and effectively use Intercom. Chatbots are automated customer support tools that can assist with low-level ticket triage and ticket routing in real-time. How easy it is to program a chatbot and how effective a chatbot is at assisting human reps is an important factor for this category.

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Our integration with Intercom enables bi-directional contact and case synchronization, so you can continue using Intercom as your front-end digital experience and use Zendesk for case management. Fintech startup Novo had to pivot to new ways of working in 2020, just like everyone else. But the company’s story isn’t just one of pandemic-induced change—in the first half of the year, Novo’s client base grew from 2,000 to tens of thousands. With over 100,000 customers across all industries and regions, Zendesk knows what it takes to interact with customers while retaining and growing relationships. Check out the research-backed comparison below to better understand how each solution can add value to your organization.

Conversation Intelligence Software

The company was founded in 2007 and today serves over 170,000 customers worldwide. Zendesk’s mission is to build software designed to improve customer relationships. Zendesk is a customer service platform that is well-known for its powerful ticketing system and specialises in quickly managing customer inquiries. The company provides support across several channels, which enables businesses to streamline their interactions with customers across a variety of platforms. Intercom also lets you connect to different tools and platforms, but its main focus is on communication and engagement. It works well with popular messaging apps, email marketing platforms, and other tools for managing customer relationships.

  • Due to our intelligent routing capabilities and numerous automated workflows, our users can free up hours to focus on other tasks.
  • If you’re looking for an AI-powered chatbot to be the new front line of your customer experience, Ada has the solution for you.
  • With Intercom, you can keep track of your customers and what they do on your website in real time.
  • Their users can create a knowledge repository to create articles or edit existing ones as per the changes in the services or product.
  • Compared to being detailed, Zendesk gives a tough competition to Intercom.

With quick set-up and implementation, Intercom is simple to adopt and easy to use, without requiring extensive training. What better way to start a Zendesk vs. Intercom than to compare their features? While Intercom does not offer free trials, they do offer demo versions of each plan.

Zendesk VS Intercom

Suppose you are thinking that Intercom isn’t offering any attractive features, but it’s actually not true. There is one mind-boggling feature in Intercom, and that is its in-app messaging serving. It’s a very good way of communicating with customers through multi-platform apps. Moreover, the best part is it also lets you send customized messages to various customers on the basis of their actions. With its live analytics feature on the dashboard, it makes it easy for you to make instant decisions in no time.

This has helped to make Zendesk one of the most popular customer service software platforms on the market. The Zendesk Support app gives you access to live Intercom customer data in Zendesk, and lets you create new tickets in Zendesk directly from Intercom conversations. This gives your team the context they need to provide fast and excellent support.

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